Music and Books

This web site has over 200 music titles, including the work of over more than 12 "living" composers! The purpose of this web site is to provide traditional piano teachers in private studios, colleges and universities with "ideas" and music that will help enhance their students' music learning experience.
(See: "WHY keyboard ensembles?" by Susan Ogilvy)

Ensembles: Most of the titles are Digital Keyboard Ensembles which are written for ensembles with as few as 4 parts and as many as 12 parts. Styles range from classical to jazz and include 3 levels of elementary, 3 levels of intermediate and advanced as well as special holiday ensembles. Ensembles are available that include audience participation and also include choral partcipation. Ensembles are sold as a score and individual parts, just like band or orchestra scores.

Consembles: A special category called "Consembles" has also been created which is a traditional piano solo with keyboard "orchestra" accompaniment, in a "concerto" style.

Digital Duets can be performed with "two" students on one digital keyboard and are at an elementary level. These duets can help the teacher and students get familiar with digital instruments.

Solos - Young Composer Series and Creative Choice Series: These are traditional piano solos written by young and upcoming composers! Several of these solos were show cased in the 2006 - MTNA in Seattle, Washington.

Books - "You’ve Got Rhythm!" Book One with CD: A movement book for piano students including special needs students, by Sarah Crouch and music by Susan Ogilvy.