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Why keyboard ensembles?

Keyboard ensembles are a venue that allow traditional piano teachers to add the powerful "group dynamic" to their studios. This is not an attempt to change the traditions of piano keyboard education, or replace traditional orchestra or band, but to allow the piano student, who does not particpate in band or orchestra, an opportunity to participate in the ensemble experience and its wide range of exciting musical experiences.

More on the subject...

  • The dynamic of playing in a group or an ensemble, just like in band, orchestra, baseball, soccer and any other team sport is huge. How many times have you lost a student to "team" sports? Ensembles increase social interaction: In private studios, instruction and practice are usually one-on-one and the private studio typically experiences an 80% drop-off of students after two years of study, but when ensemble is added student retention goes up!
  • Tap into technology: Students are using technology every day in school and on their computers; embrace the reality of their enthusiasm for technology by tapping into music technology with digital keyboards and great sounds.
  • Increase student musicianship: Explore ensemble performance practices and techniques; this will increase musicianship in big ways. The habit of listening, counting, following a conductor have a valuable carryover in individual piano practice and performance!
  • Teachers become conductors: Teachers have an opportunity to conduct an "orchestra" and enjoy working with different orchestral sounds.
  • College level composition/composing classes might also adopt the keyboard ensemble as a way to experiment with the compositions they have written. (everyone in the class plays in the keyboard ensemble!)