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The purpose of this
web site
is to provide
traditional piano teachers in private studios, colleges and universities with "ideas"
and music that will help enhance their students'
music learning

Listen to ensembles. Ensembles in our online library are a listening experience!

Scores and separate parts are included with the purchase
of all ensembles.

Ensemble Music

Written for 4 to 12
instrumental parts.
From strings, woodwinds,
brass or percussion to other General Midi sounds. Piano students can experience the excitement and fun of playing in an ensemble and develop the skills that come with ensemble playing, listening, counting, following a conductor, working and performing together.

Digital Instruments:
portable keyboards, synthesizers, or Clavinovas!
Requires at least two digital keyboards that have standard, General Midi sounds. Two digital keyboards can be "split" and played by four students. Each student can then play a different "instrument". Keyboard ensembles in our library have been written for as few as 4 or as many as 12 parts. Ensembles include a score and separate parts.

New Keyboard Ensembles:

The Next Frontier—
iPad/Keyboard Combos

  • Rhythm Rascals I & II: 2 combos (songs),
    all percussion; mp3; Score & 4 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
  • Lead the Way/Sneaky Pete: 2 combos (songs); mp3; Score & 4 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
Late Elementary
  • Rhythm Rascals III & IV: 2 combos (songs),
    all percussion; mp3; Score & 4 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
  • Synthonic Fanfare:
    by Dennis Mauricio;
    mp3; Score & 4 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
Early Intermediate
  • Also sprach Zarathustra:
    arr. by Dennis Mauricio;
    mp3; Score & 8 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
  • Fanfare for the Uncommon iPad:
    by Dennis Mauricio;
    mp3; Score & 6 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
  • Just Around the Corner:
    by Susan Ogilvy;
    mp3; Score & 8 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
  • Mombasa: by Dennis Mauricio;
    mp3; Score & 7 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
  • Reflections: by Dennis Mauricio;
    mp3; Score & 5 Parts; Set 14.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo
  • Renaissance Christmas Suite: 7 carols
    by Dennis Mauricio;
    mp3; Score & 6 Parts; Set 19.95
    iPad/Keyboard Combo

The iPad is having an ever-increasing impact and role in education, including music. It can provide our students with a highly portable device they can use to learn, compose, record, practice, and perform music. While the use of iPads as musical instruments in an ensemble setting isn’t a completely new idea at this time, it’s still novel and unfamiliar territory for most music teachers. Most of our students will be, if not already, far more comfortable with the idea of using iPads to perform and make music than we are.

With the iPad we have the opportunity to transform a device commonly used for playing games, watching movies, and passively listening to music into an innovative and engaging musical instrument. Students can use it to actively participate in making music with others anywhere, anytime.

View our new library of iPad/Keyboard Combos, a sort of flex ensemble that includes parts for iPads, digital keyboards and sometimes the piano — The Next Frontier!

To Order iPad/Keyboard Combos,
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Catch the Vision!


June 15-22, 2017

Expect to Learn!

Keyboard Ensemble & Technology Seminar At University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK

KETS 16 is an 8-day technology seminar for piano teachers, music educators and church musicians with focus on digital keyboard ensembles, teaching strategies and performance on the YAMAHA CVP Clavinova.

This innovative seminar offers hands-on tech sessions on the Clavinova for entry level to advanced teachers and educators in a relaxed and friendly university environment.

Specific Info: PDF Download

Registration Form: PDF Download

The year is 2017 but this is our sixteenth seminar, hence KETS 16!

Contributing Composers

This web site has over 300 music titles, including the work of more than 13 "living" composers!

  • Beth Chedester
  • Carleen Graff
  • Larry Keenan
  • Phillip Keveren
  • Kathy Maskell
  • Dennis Mauricio
  • Jim Ogilvy
  • Susan Ogilvy
  • Lynn Purse
  • Michael Sharp
  • Sandra Siler
  • Donna Smith
  • Wayne Wilkinson